Monday, September 3, 2018

Who knew Chinese detergent could wash blackness away?

When Robert Downey jnr (RDJ) was rumored to be wearing " blackface" for an upcoming movie, at the time, there was an uproar.

The movie was Tropic Thunder and back then, we didn't even need to see the movie..." Iron Man in blackface??????"
Then we watched the movie and we all laughed. It was brilliant and spoke to the genius of RDJ. No other actor could have played it without going overboard.

Then we have the above Chinese commercial that is implying that a black man is filthy and dirty and just by putting him in a washing machine, with their special detergent, will be cleaned of his dirt. He comes out shinny, clean and Chinese.

If this is a satire or a skit on a Saturday Night Live type of show, its still pretty offensive. Why didn't they use other races like Arabs, Indians or other people of darker persuasions? Why the black guy? How much did they pay him to knowingly disgrace his own race?

Hope it was worth it. Hope he built a big house with the money and is happy, because how he got the money is an act of blatant disrespect for who you are and who you represent.