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Thursday, October 15, 2015


avoristic: The best of Skipp n' Coop (yapdem)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The best of Skipp n' Coop (yapdem)

Wayne "Coop" Jackson

Sean "Skipp" O'Hara

The Show is presented by Sean "Skipp" O'Hara and Wayne "Coop" Jackson. Two former radio djs who where fired from WBS radio and it's affiliates. Not good enough for Satellite radio and too controversial for commercial radio... proudly brings to you Skipp n' Coop

The two stories at the time where the teacher from Florida and the 14 year ole and Hilary Clinton's attack on the video game industry. Here is what Skipp and Coop had to say......

The Producer: "To place an attractive young woman in that hell hole (prison) is like putting a piece of raw meat in with the lions, I am not sure she would survive" these comments made by the lawyer of a Florida women accussed of sleeping with a 14 year old boy.

Coop: Damn!, I think that lawyer likes her. Piece of raw meat? Is that what he said? He might as well have said piece of ass.

Skipp: This is serious. If this was a male teacher and a female student we wouldn't even be talking about how attractive the teacher is .

Coop: I just thought of something, wouldn't it be lionesses? She would be going to a female prison, right? I am just saying

Skipp: Sure buddy, only you.

The Producer: Next topic Hillary Clinton attacks video game industry

Skipp: If this wasn't about something else, I would be in favor of it. All she is doing is kissing up to the parent groups come election time. Where was she when the first game came out?

Coop: Where is her husband anyway? Harlem, overseas somewhere. Well he is not with her and who could blame him. Look, parents need to pay attention to their kids and lay down some basic laws and not wait for "the man" to do the parenting.... this is why I voted republican last election, damn democrats are all the same.

Skipp: You voted? I thought you people never voted?

Coop: you people? You people?!!!! What you mean by that? ... I knew all along you where foul. You ain't nothing but a..gadem! mutha...%$*$**%*.. (the producer -we interrupt for a quick commercial break).......moments later...

Skipp: You feel better now?
Coop: Forget you!

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