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Friday, July 10, 2020

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 trailer

The Boys Season 2 trailer


written by 
Nshira Ebuduo
Guest columnist

There's NO leadership in this country! I have been sick to my stomach since i watched the murder of #GeorgeFloyd and to hear this president tell it’s citizens that they should be shot at because people are upset, feel unheard and abandoned by the very people who have sworn to protect them is nothing short of hatred.
My heart bleeds for my children especially my son. This unfortunate situation can happen to anyone irrespective of your education, job or economic state. So please miss me with that BS of they are looting, destroying things, Trump is not a racist. If you think that this man's death is justifiable by any means kindly do yourself a favor by removing yourself either by unfriending, blocking and deleting me!
And to the African people who continue to turn blind cheek and keep mute when such atrocities happen... hear this:
Your children whom you are raising in this country (which happens to be better than the ones you all left behind) and don't happen to know their African roots, when you're dead and gone will become part of the African American community and will not be set apart or treated any differently in such situations!
I will continue to add my voice and support the African American community because I see myself in them...i am them and they me. They endured it all so I can walk down the streets and live a comfortable life.
As for those in Africa who continue to support Trump all in the name of jokes or he speaks his mind, he says it like it is, he was chosen by God to fulfill a prophecy... the ramifications of his actions falls on your hands as well and stop using religion as an excuse.


*All proceeds from the sale of this hoodie will go towards the fight against police brutality