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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Will Gucci Mane change his name?

In case you missed it,  overrated designer Gucci introduced it's new sweater.
Give it a second to sink in..........  Gucci and several closeted racists would have you believe that this is just a fashion statement and has nothing to do with something like this.........

 A clear image of a white man in blackface portraying a black man as a clown or less than human.  Wide eyed and a caricature used as a tool to remind the next generation and continue the vicious cycle of racism.  So our question is will rapper Gucci Mane change his name in protest or will he continue to be blissfully ignorant?

Adesanya respectfully beats idol Anderson Silva

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Why democracy in Nigeria is a waste of time?

This list is in no particular order...…

1. The current President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari is also the Minister of Petroleum, because he is the only Nigerian that is incorruptible.... because he told us so. 

2. A person could go into a coma 20 years ago, wake up and the same candidates that the person remembered 20 years ago, will still be contending for leadership positions. i.e. Obasanjo, Buhari, Atiku

3. To live in Nigeria you need to produce your own electricity, because the government or state does not see the reason why they should provide it. But every candidate will promise they will.

4. If you are travelling to Nigeria for the first time, you better not land in Lagos past 9pm and you better have somebody pick you up at the airport. No candidate can guarantee your safety,

5. Almost all goods in Nigeria are priced in the thousands....10, 0000 , 20, 0000 etc.

6. Billionaires are many, but no accountability about how the money was made and nobody cares, as long as he is rich.

7. Other countries have female Presidents, Prime Ministers. Other countries have leaders in their 40s, filled with youthful enthusiasm and modern ideas. Nigerian candidates are old men who still think a woman's best rooms are bedroom and kitchen.

8. In a shock to no one, the Presidential election which was set for February 16th has been postponed till February 23rd......or until the desired result is achieved.

Fela - Lady

Gucci loses their gaddam mind !

"This is the most disturbing act of blatant racism, disguised as a social message, camouflaged as a brilliant marketing campaign"

Dave Chapelle opening monlogue

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

"Sometimes you're too smart, always playing chess, but it's ok to play checkers sometimes"