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Monday, February 19, 2018

Black Panther (Review)

The hype is real, Black Panther is an absolute delight. The latest addition to the never ending Marvel catalog of films that tells an ongoing modern story in an alternate reality.

A story of an African king who is not ready to rule but has to, after the death of his father.A leader who selfishly wants to help only his people and not share the treasure and power they truly posses. A power so great, it will cause untold damage.

Chadwick Boseman leads a predominately black cast of well known actors and actresses from Forest Whitaker to Angela Basset, from Dana Gurira to Lupito Nyong'o and a charmingly roguish performance from Michael B. Jordan. Jordan plays the villain Killmonger in this movie and is directed by Ryan Coogler, who he worked with on Creed and Fruitvale Station.

This African story is a rich one that mirrors what several African countries have faced and continue to face
                           *  stolen African artifacts in an English museum
                           *  natural resources that attract foreign looters
                           *  relationship between Africans and African Americans
                           *  Leadership handed from Father to son without an election

The pacing and and comedic timing is excellent and you are left entertained without too much politics in your popcorn.