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Friday, December 27, 2019

Death by vending machine

 Pop quiz, kids, so you have change in your pocket and you are hungry at work, what do you do? 

The answer is pretty obvious, you spend that change on some sugar coated, processed to the core, wrapped goody that will not add anything positive to your life, let alone your teeth.

Then you sell yourself on the idea that the chips flavored and  colored to your satisfaction is healthy for you because it has salt not sugar.

Then there is soda, the seductive enemy of water. As if we are zombies, it tells us " water has no taste, try this new soda WAZAM!!!" pump that straight into your blood stream and brain, "what a rush!!!". We are all guilty of this manipulation that is unavoidable. Go anywhere and a vending machine is there to collect your small change gladly and hook you forever.

Kids, adults, it does not discriminate, it will own you and forever condemn good food to a slow death. 

Why spend hours preparing a meal that can be consumed in seconds??? 

Food for thought