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Monday, October 7, 2019

Founder of Alibaba and owner of Brooklyn Nets weighs in on NBA China problem

General Manager of NBA's Houston Rockets just caused a major stir. He tweeted his support for the protesters in Hong Kong. Hong Kong, which is not a sovereign nation and is part of China,  has been protesting for a little over month against mainland China and how they are being ruled.

To understand this fully, you need to read up on Hong Kong when it was under British rule and then handed over to China..... We can't do everything for you!!!! Google it!!!

Morey's unnecessary tweet has caused China to liquidate its very profitable relationship with the NBA and the Houston Rockets. To appease the Chinese, Houston Rockets star James Harden and the owner have apologized for the gaff. Even Morey himself has deleted the tweet and apologized.

It remains to be seen if it works.

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