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Thursday, March 5, 2020

How does Matt Reeves Bat mobile stack up against it's predecessors?

This first photo looks cool and all, but just like the actor assigned to playing this iconic character, the car looks lightweight, slick and is really fast, but offers no protection, no power, no fear.


The overhead shot makes it even worse. This is supposed to be a young man ready to fight crime and he chooses this lightweight vehicle to do what....impress girls?


This looks really cool and yes it does look like a bat, but it offers no protection in the back and looks like Superman could just breath on it and it would fall apart


Now this is a bat mobile. A tumbler/tank able to defend itself , but cause mayhem and chaos. Seeing the Batman coming at you in this, will make you walk away from a life of crime. 


Not quite as functional looking as the tumbler, but you are crime fighting when you are driving down the street in this. Looks like a jet fighter converted into a car...might be a little tight in there though...