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Monday, January 13, 2020

Birds of Prey trailer

Yapdem retelling of Idris Elba being offered Bond role

Elba says No to Bond

This is how it would have gone in the yapdem universe

Bond Producers: "Idris, we would love you for Bond, this is the right time..."

Elba: " Right time for what?"

Bond Producers: "You know"

Elba: "No I don't know"

Bond Producers: "A black Bond"

Elba: "I'll pass, don't want to be the "black bond" it's kinda corny"

(Sir Sean Connery' sends a text message to Elba while he is talking with the producers....text reads..."hey laddie, don't forget the money"....

Bond Producers:  "are we keeping you from something" (seem annoyed)

Elba: "No not all, how much would you pay me to play Bond? I mean it's gotta be more than Danny boy, and you gonna need to catch up with the Mission Impossibles...You know watta's how much I want along with a Producers credit and final say on the script..."

( Idris writes how much he wants on a piece of paper and hands it to the producers. Bond producers open note and are wide eyed and shocked. They look at each other and scream..)

Bond Producers: "CONNERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                    (Sir Connery laughs from afar)


Morbius trailer

Queen v Prince Harry and Meghan

Sunday, January 5, 2020

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A Quiet Place : Part II trailer

Lamar Jackson vs Bill Polian

Baltimore Ravens phenom Lamar Jackson has been voted first team all pro by 47 out of 50 pollsters, despite having one of the greatest single seasons a quarterback has ever had. Who are the notable omissions?? Former Colts GM Bill Polian.

Polian does not vote for Lamar.......

Polian had previously stated that Jackson was a running back not a quarterback, prior to him being drafted. Polian later apologized and admitted he made a mistake. Well obviously, he has not gotten over that with his latest act of not voting  for Jackson, when even a blind man could feel how dominant Jackson has been.

The shock is how does a buffoon like Polian have a vote?

KOBE dead at 41

R. I. P.  Trailer for his Oscar winning movie