Monday, February 19, 2018

Black Panther

The hype is real, Black Panther is an absolute delight. The latest addition to the never ending Marvel catalog of films that tells an ongoing modern story in an alternate reality.

A story of an African king who is not ready to rule but has to, after the death of his father.A leader who selfishly wants to help only his people and not share the treasure and power they truly posses. A power so great, it will cause untold damage.

Chadwick Boseman leads a predominately black cast of well known actors and actresses from Forest Whitaker to Angela Basset, from Dana Gurira to Lupito Nyong'o and a charmingly roguish performance from Michael B. Jordan. Jordan plays the villain Killmonger in this movie and is directed by Ryan Coogler, who he worked with on Creed and Fruitvale Station.

This African story is a rich one that mirrors what several African countries have faced and continue to face
                           *  stolen African artifacts in an English museum
                           *  natural resources that attract foreign looters
                           *  relationship between Africans and African Americans
                           *  Leadership handed from Father to son without an election

The pacing and and comedic timing is excellent and you are left entertained without too much politics in your popcorn.

When Fela met Sankara

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ajit "the hitman" Pai

Dont cry when you start paying for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, google search, youtube et al. Now you can pay your phone bill and surf anywhere, but that will all change now that Ajit"the hitman" Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, has gotten his vote passed to turn back the previous administration's policy on Net_neutrality.

People need to research and open their eyes and use social media to fight back.

                                                            By the way this is Ajit Pai

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Unlimited service thats not unlimited

 You've used 35GB of high-speed data this month on your MetroPCS plan. You may temporarily experience slower speeds at locations and times when competing network demands occur until your next cycle date.

FCC is too busy fixing the internet, that they forgot about cell phone companies like metro pcs selling an unlimited service that is not unlimited. We pay upwards of 50 60 70 dollars a month to enjoy freedom, only to be shackled and you are ok with that, but Net Neutrality, that is the mother of all problems that needs to be solved.

Kick rocks!!

P.S. Boost mobile is even worse. They will hit you over the head about how unlimited they are, then hit you on the head again about how your unlimited service  is unlimited but limited.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Minister knows nothing about his ministry

Nigeria's Super Eagles are headed to the world cup next year and confirmed their ambitions with a come from behind spanking of Argentina. The Eagles beat the contenders 4-2 in a friendly with no thanks to it's sports minister.

Nigeria's sports minister, Solomon (insert joke or laugh here) Dalug, almost singlehandedly sabotaged the Olympic soccer team at the 2016 Olympics by refusing to release funds to the U23 side. The team could not pay it's hotel bill and arrived for their first match hours before the game.

The team would go on to win a bronze medal at the Olympics.....the only medal the country won.

So Dalug is back to take credit for the Super Eagles resurrgence......enjoy this gem below

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Looks like a coup, smells like a coup but is not??????

Since Zimbabwe's independence in 1980, one man has ruled and his name is Robert Mugabe. Fast forward to today and the same man is now under house arrest by the military. But the military insists that this is not a coup or takeover. So what exactly is it?

Mugabe era over?

 2017 - 1980 = 37 😱?????
37 years as President😵😵😵😵?#@$!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Morroco qualify for World Cup

Renard dreams of France v Morrocco

Morrocco joined Egypt, Tunisia, Senegal and Nigeria as Caf representatives at next year's World Cup.

Herve Renard led Morrocco to a World Cup berth beating his former team, The Ivory Coast,to do so. Our guess is by 2018, both Morrocco and Renard will be at The World Cup, but not together.

Renard and Senegal maybe?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

When Trump met Putin (the sequel)

Trump meets Putin, again???

US President Donald Trump met with Russian President Putin recently during his Asian tour. Trump again mentioned that he asked Putin if he meddled in the last US elections, to which Putin denied any involvement.

We are looking forward to Trump's tour of Africa and South America, and somehow finding a way to squeeze in another face to face with the Russian President.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Evra channels French legend

Is Evra French toast?

As seen in the above clip, courtesy of yahoo, the former French captain is captured apparently kicking a rowdy fan in the head.

Fan gets exactly what he paid for,....a good show and being used as a prop in said show.

Why would an out of shape, couch potato, antagonize a well trained athlete, in superior, shape? Just because you are a fan, doesn't give you the right to verbally assault anyone. The fan got what he deserved and some.

Black Panther

The hype is real, Black Panther is an absolute delight. The latest addition to the never ending Marvel catalog of films that tells an ongoin...