Wednesday, April 29, 2020

We laughed at Coronavirus......It said "Hold my beer"

The Coronavirus is officially a global pandemic. Special thanks to all the people that made this possible, which is all of us. From our cavalier attitude towards the virus, to certain people trying to politicize it and even worse for those who have chosen and will chose to profit from it.

Very special thanks goes to the inhabitants of Earth, who refuse to wash their hands, cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough and generally don't care about anyone but themselves, as is being  proven by pathetic displays of stockpiling essential supplies that we all need. Shame on us.

Many thanks to the scientists that more than likely created this virus in a lab and let it get out of hand. Everybody wants to be God and create, but nobody wants to stay around for the cleanup.

Gone are the reporters and journalists that will put their lives on the line to find the truth, gone are the heroes who will fight for the common man and put his or her life on the line to find the truth. No longer do we have leaders that will do everything in their power to find the truth. All we get is  spin spin spin and a lot of wagging the dog.

I'll end with this, I recently traveled back to the states after a well needed vacation. I spent a couple of hours layover in Amsterdam (NOT ITALY) and entered the US via Detroit, then landing in my final destination, Baltimore.  I was shocked at the lack of urgency of not only customs officials, but also security screening at ALL the airports. No sense of urgency and no extra measures to test who has a fever or who needs to be quarantined, it was business as usual. If asking me " Have I been to China, recently?" is the extent of the screening, then we are in trouble.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Democratic Debate Biden v Sanders transcripts

    VP JOE BIDEN           

* Debate about to start and without an audience. Biden got on his red tie, Sanders rocking the blue tie
* Biden starts with empathy for those who have lost family and starts coughing briefly...and he reminds us to go to for a comprehensive solution to Corona virus
*  Sanders comes out swinging against Trump, who is not here, mentioning that we have to get Trump out and stop his babbling
* Biden answering Tapper's question and agrees with his opponent 
* Sanders showing more passion than Biden, blasting the pharmaceutical companies and the anticipated profit they are expecting
* Biden references his time as VP to Obama during the Ebola crisis and crushes Sanders universal healthcare plan by saying that they have universal healthcare in Italy and it didn't work and doesn't work
*  Sanders comes back and says that people should not be afraid to go to hospital because of cost, Biden reassures that nobody will pay out of pocket, to treat the virus, Sanders still maintains we still suffer from not having universal healthcare and eliminating the healthcare industry.
*  Sanders blasts Biden for his campaign being funded by the healthcare industry, Biden pivots away from the response by not addressing the accusation directly.
*  Sanders is being asked if he would deploy the military to fight the virus, .....seems to go back to healthcare . Biden answers the question directly and says yes, he would deploy the military.
*  Sanders wants us to take care of the working class and the homeless and not make the mistake of the past.
*  Biden catching his second wind and rambling 
*  Sanders asked what should be done about China, not disclosing the extent of the virus. He states this is not the time for retribution. Biden retorts that China should have been held accountable.
*  Biden is talking about a major stimulus package for workers that lost their jobs, due to the economic forecast of a potential recession. 
*  Sanders goes back to the Ebola crisis, and how it was handled and the lesson learned.  Looks like he was hinting that the Ebola crisis was not handled that well.
*  Biden rambling about SARS, Ebola etc...
*  Sanders was reminded that he voted against a bailout because the banks were bailed out and people were not. Biden voted for the bailout and said people would have lost everything if the banks were not bailed out. Biden also states the auto industry had to be bailed out too. Both agree that somebody back then should have gone to jail for causing the financial meltdown.
*  Biden is against a wealth tax of the  wealthy 1% proposed by Sanders 
*  Question from Colderon,  about would immigrants feel safe enough to seek treatment under either candidates regime... Both seems to agree that nobody should be turned away, legal or illegal.
*  Sanders was reminded about his health issue i.e. heart attack and what he is doing to stay safe, being 78.....states some of what he has been doing to stay safe including washing hands, shaking hands ..jokes about not shaking hands with Biden. Biden 77, is also taking precautions such as washing hands with hot water and soap.
*  Biden was asked about Sanders political revolution, and how difficult it will be to pass his healthcare plan and how he hasn't told us how he will pay for it.
*  Sanders blasts walls street, fossil fuel, insurance industry and Biden's campaign contributions, Biden blasts Sanders stating that he didn't  need money to beat him just last week. Both going back and forth about who is funding whose campaigns. Biden against tax cuts for the wealthy.
* Both are bringing up negative ads against each other and past comments. Sanders is stating that Biden wanted social security cut, Biden initially says no, but Sanders is going for the jugular, starting to sound like a lawyer that has Biden on the stand. Sanders tells the audience to go check "the Youtube" for clips of Biden stating he would eliminate social security.
* Biden is asked about Sen Warren's bankruptcy plan and agreeing with it. Biden supports Sanders plan, but Sanders is not having it.....Sanders said public colleges should be free and proud about his leadership and says its good to see that Biden is finally coming around.
* Both agree that the minimum wage should be 15/hr. Sanders and Biden exchanging what bills they voted for and the repercussions. They are harping on gay marriage as if they are trying too hard to pander.
* Sanders sniffling and wipes nose with a tissue
* Biden promises to support Sanders if Sanders wins the nominations and hopes Sanders does the same. Biden says all that matters is getting rid of Trump. Sanders was asked if he doesn't win the nomination, will he support Biden. He states he will do it, kinda. Stating all that matters is that we get the pathological liar, Trump, out of office.


*  A question was taken via video....
*  Sanders answers the question from the female college professor about women's rights
*  Biden says he will hire the first black judge, he will make sure his Vice President is a woman. Biden also states he has backed domestic violence bills in the past.
*  Sanders also promises to make his Vice President a woman
*  Sanders jabs Biden on immigration, stating that he and Obama agreed on immigration, not Biden
*  Sanders disagrees vehemently with ICE raids of the current regime
*  Biden and Sanders AGREE that a humane boarder policy is needed. Sanders referencing that his father was an immigrant from Poland who couldn't even speak English
*  Biden says we should not promote xenophobia
*  Sanders asked about climate change and the need to transform our energy system, attacks the fracking and fossil fuel industries
*  Biden blames climate change for the unusual rise in diseases and promises a carbon fee initiative, get the US back into the Paris climate accords that was canceled by Trump.
*  Sanders doesn't really care about the Paris accords, but cares more about attacking the fossil fuel industry
*  Biden promises to unite the world and make countries that abuse the climate accountable.
*  Biden wants a long term solution and accountability to countries that don't hold their own part of the bargain, Sanders wants a more immediate action and banning of fracking

         ( loving the new Volkswagen commercial with actor Paul Giamatti)

*  Calderon asks why Cuban Americans in Florida should vote for Sanders despite him supporting some of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's policies in regards to minimizing poverty. Sanders also states that even though China is an authoritarian regime, maintains they are economically better now than the way they were. Biden disagrees with Sanders support for the economical ideas of countries like China, Russia etc....Biden calls Russian President a thug!
*  Sanders and Biden are going back and forth on their votes during the Gulf war, Russia.
*  Biden was asked why his votes among the Latino people is very low
*  Sanders was asked why his votes among Black people is low......both do a pivot. Biden stating he is whooping Sanders ass (not in those words)  winning across the board.
                                                              (ANOTHER BREAK!!! )
          ( ....Ronald Reagan's son  Ron Reagan states in ad that he doesn't mind burning in hell, cause he is an atheist)

* In closing, Sanders empathizes and says we need to be aggressive about testing, treatment, Biden says also empathizes with a story about a friend of his dealing with the virus and the emotional toll. Also states we should listen to the scientists, pulling the best people globally to discuss solutions and national standards. Biden says we need to get rid of Donald Trump.
IT'S OVER!!!!!!!

We laughed at Coronavirus......It said "Hold my beer"

The Coronavirus is officially a global pandemic. Special thanks to all the people that made this possible, which is all of us. From our cava...