Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Oprah? Your former show is calling


Former talk show Queen, Oprah Winfrey( who gave up her voice on her own platform and can't get it back cause Ellen took it and ran with it) has advised soccer great Lionel Messi ( who is the best player on the planet, untill he leaves the confines of Barcelona) to be a warrior. Her advice for him comes with the World Cup coming up in a few months.

Hopefully Oprah can go on the Ellen show and talk about how Messi needs to be a warrior. If only he could play for Barcelona at the World Cup😄

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Friday, March 2, 2018

                                               Must keep tweeting, can't stop tweeting, won't stop tweeting..

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What Elon Musk should have done

Canadian, South African American (rare tri-national) billionaire Elon Musk just recently sent his red tesla car to Mars. As in he attached his car to a rocket and boom shakalaka...

Musk, who sold Paypal to ebay for a nice chunk of change has already stated his future ambition to put humans on Mars in 2040. But we feel he has missed a better opportunity. Why not go FULL TONY STARK. This is what he should have done

1.    Get dropped off in Syria, Afghanistan or any worn torn country with nothing but a cell phone and dinner coat.

2.    Make sure you are taken captive.

3.    Convince your captors you can build a missile for them if they spare you.

4.     Instead use parts provided to build an iron man suit that you will use to escape and never take it off. Infact the suit should assemble itself on you upon command.

5.     Then pair up with Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote, Stan Kroenke and Oprah to form a super group and you can call yourselves the Billionaires League or something cute.

A Nigerian Governor's attempt to woo young voters. He treats them to what they always eat, jollof rice and "pure" water.

"Hey, Santa, next time try ice cream"

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

                                 " Please don't change the playoff format, I like sleepwalking through                            the eastern conference into the NBA finals every year for the last decade"
                                         Buhari: "Mr President, good to see you again"
                                         Trump: "President Buhari, I welcome you to America"
                                 Trump's 💭: "Don't say Sh*thole country, Dont say Sh*thole country"
                                                         MAVADO - AKTION PAK

Sir Nelson Mandela? Make it happen Lady

Dear Queen Elizabeth II,

Congratulations on your 100th birthday or whatever your age is. We are all getting older, but you remain forever young. I just have one major question, why hasn't the late great African icon Nelson Mandela been awared a knighthood?

This is a man that gave up his freedom and most of his productive life to fighting the oppression of his people by white people, in his own country. During his time in prison, you did nothing to help get him released. He finally gets released from prison, runs for President, wins and unites. Then he does something very UnAfrican.....he does one term in office and hands over.

It has been years since his passing and still no knighthood. Does he have to be an old English, Welsh or Scottish actor or musician to be knighted??. Even David Beckham is begging for a knighthood. Please do the right thing, Sir Nelson Mandela has to happen.

Yours Sincerely,

Avo Bode and other African Diasporians

Oprah? Your former show is calling

OPRAH ADVISES MESSI TO BE A WARRIOR Former talk show Queen, Oprah Winfrey( who gave up her voice on her own platform and can't get it ...