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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

6 reasons African men are now soft ( written by an African man)

With the Coronavirus still causing havoc on the planet and the number of dead and infected still rising, we decided to ask the question.....what happened to the angry African man?

All over the news there are horror stories of Africans being discriminated against in China and all over the world. There is a video of four Chinese men beating one African man mercilessly, while other Africans watch and beg them to stop.

What the hell is going on? Your man is getting his a** whipped by four Chinese men,  with not one of them being named Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee, and all y'all are gonna do is beg and record it for YouTube??? Where my Mandingos at? Where Django at?????

 The video is a tough watch, we recommend you go somewhere else to go watch that, we are not showing that here.

 To see the other African men, who could have jumped in to even the odds, instead choosing to beg like paupers, is sad and depressing. 

No anger, no rage, just fear. Watching the video confirmed what I had always suspected, that the African man, of which I am one, that stood tall despite being enslaved, killed, maimed and humiliated, is dead.

6  Reasons why African men are now soft (in no particular order)

 1.  They have achieved biracial intimacy without fear of being lynched

 2.  They have gotten their education and feel a sense of fulfillment

 3.   They have seen what happened to the angry Africans that came before them, i.e. killed, maimed, psychologically clipped, and they want no part of that

 4.    They are ashamed to be black and tend to agree with policies that do not benefit their community, but benefit themselves

5.     They are making more money than their fathers ever did and money buys a lot. Why be angry or informed when you can drown it with all kinds of vices and things you can't take with you when your time is up

6.    They have been programmed to hate their fellow African based on where their villages are on some imaginary compass.

AFRICAN 1:    "He is from the North, so I hate him"
AFRICAN 2:    "God punish your forefathers"
NEUTRAL 3:   " But aren't you guys from the same country"
AFRICAN 1 and AFRICAN 2 look at each other, briefly as they reason with what NEUTRAL3 is saying......The next morning AFRICAN1 and AFRICAN2 are locked in a fight to the death......