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Monday, April 27, 2020

We laughed at Coronavirus......It said "Hold my beer"

*Footage courtesy videvo

The Coronavirus is officially a global pandemic. Special thanks to all the people that made this possible, which is all of us. From our cavalier attitude towards the virus, to certain people trying to politicize it and even worse for those who have chosen and will chose to profit from it.

Very special thanks goes to the inhabitants of Earth, who refuse to wash their hands, cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough and generally don't care about anyone but themselves, as has been proven by pathetic displays of stockpiling essential supplies that we all need. Shame on us.

Many thanks to the scientists that more than likely created this virus in a lab and let it get out of hand. Everybody wants to be God and create, but nobody wants to stay around for the cleanup.

Gone are the reporters and journalists that will put their lives on the line to find the truth, gone are the heroes who will fight for the common man and put his or her life on the line to find the truth. No longer do we have leaders that will do everything in their power to find the truth. All we get is spin spin spin and a lot of wagging the dog.

I'll end with this, recently I traveled back stateside after a well needed vacation. I had a layover in Amsterdam and entered the US via Detroit and then landed in my final destination, Baltimore. 

 I was shocked at the lack of urgency of not only customs officials, but also security screening at ALL the airports. No sense of urgency and no extra measures to test who has a fever or who needs to be quarantined, it was business as usual. If asking me " Have I been to China, recently?" is the extent of the screening, then we are in trouble.