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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

TOP 5 impactful MCU movies (with explanation)

5.  The Incredible Hulk  (2008) TIK
Edward Norton hopefully is not hating himself for getting replaced by Mark Ruffalo. He was the HULK, especially when he played the alter ego Bruce Banner. The story was easy to follow and the action was non stop. You can argue that this movie, which was 2nd in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, set the tone for the continued growth of this universe. As soon as Tony Stark, played deliciously by Robert Downey Jnr (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!)….shows up at the end credits to talk to General "Thunderbolt" Ross about his "hulk" problem, the continuity was cemented and immortalized forever. If TIK failed, we don't get the Avengers End game.

4.  Ant Man (2015) AM
This movie should not have worked, but it did. It is the "Honey I shrunk the kids" for 2015, with a sprinkle of superhero dust. Nobody else could have pulled this movie off than Paul Rudd. An actor known for being the other dude in classics like "40 year old virgin", gets to be the man and play the same exact character he plays in every movie. This is as lighthearted as possible, even the word silly comes to mind. Thanks to a great supporting role by Michael Douglas, and you get a movie that should fail, but delivers a lot of fun.

3.  Iron Man (2008) IM
When Robert Downey Jnr RDJ was cast as Tony Stark, everybody except director Jon Favreau, thought he could play the playboy , alcoholic billionaire who becomes Iron Man. After all, RDJ had become a liability due to his numerous and well documented struggles with drug addiction, that almost derailed his career. RDJ stepped up and knocked it out of the park . He was charming, enigmatic and played the role like it was his last chance at redemption. When the movie did well, it was also a victory for life and second chances.

2.  Avengers Infinity War (2018) AIW
(SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!) 
Thanos is the big villain that promises to save us, by eliminating half the population. He also says you will thank him later. By the end of the movie, fans are in tears because a fictional character just wiped out a fictional population, along with some of our favorite heroes, by merely snapping his finger. When this megalomaniac is your villain, then you know that it will require a biblical response. It is an epic with several cameos and at this point must have the record for the most superheroes in one movie.

1.  Captain America: Winter Soldier (2011) CAWS
This movie was a spy thriller that James Bond wished he could star in today. The subterfuge was so hot, you could cut it with a knife. Chris Evans is at his best as the captain from another time, out from the cold, dropped in a modern era, to fight for truth, justice and the American way...He played it the way Superman was supposed to be played..., lovably naïve but powerful enough to overcome whatever you threw at him.

Then there is that old Hollywood icon, from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid" and "The Sting" and my mom's favorite " The way we were" and the underrated " Spy Game"...….(drum roll please) ….Robert Redford. This old man acted circles around everybody and ….

(SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!)…. he is revealed to be the villain. who has secretly been working for Hydra for decades. Powerful and scene stealing. But wait, there's more.... Captain America's best  friend, Bucky, thought for dead, has been resurrected as a super powered assassin and only Captain America can put him down or save him.