Monday, May 1, 2017

Wakanda O Wakanda

An African superhero from Wakanda??? What? Are you high? No of course not. The black panther is what happens when imagination meets  opportunity. A chance to tell an original superhero story about an African with powers, and here is the kicker...he doesn't abuse it, at least we haven't read that yet.

The black panther movie will be out in 2018, which is more than enough time to read up on this fairly obscure hero from the marvel universe, from a nation that doesn't exist.

Ok pop quiz! We are going to name 5 African countries and we dare you to pick the one that's not real.
 (No looking it up and Africans are prohibited from answering) ready? Here we go.....
Kenya, Narobia, Ethiopia, Uganda and Somalia......Did you get it? Probably not. Narobia is not a real country nor is Wakanda, where the black panther is from.
As per Marvel, Wakanda is a technologically advanced African nation that is the home of Vibranium. The same material that is used to build Captain America's shield. But hold up? Wakanda is what? An African nation that is technologically advanced???? Well this must be a vision for the future, because African nation and advanced are rarely used in the same sentence. This is no thanks to African leaders who have plundered their nation's natural resources and left their countries poor and underdeveloped.

According to the comics, the black panther's father T'Chaka, was a great leader who strategically turned his nation into a utopia ( no, Utopia is not a country, but we agree it should be). But alas, a villain named Ulysses Klaw decides he must have Vibranium and he won't take no for an answer. As has happened to African nations  during colonial times, leaders who  did not play ball were killed. Such was the fate of the original black panther.

We are curious to see how the movie looks when it comes out in 2018, hopefully by then Wakanda will be a reality for several African nations.