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Monday, May 1, 2017

Yapdem's The Peacock and the Rat

This story is dedicated to the beggar on the street who was given money by musician Davido, while he posted it on social media

Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived many animals, among them was Mr Peacock and Mr Rat. Everyday Mr Peacock would get up early in the morning and brush his feathers on his way to work and everyday he would come across Mr Rat,  who would ask Mr Peacock for a pebble to feed his family..(in this land pebbles were scarce and therefore had become the local currency).

 Every time Mr Peacock would oblige and give Mr Rat a pebble without hesitation. Mr Peacock never thought twice and willingly gave even when others would refuse. Just the other day alone ms kangaroo and ms hen refused to give a pebble to Mr Rat, let alone their phone numbers. Even big daddy elephant, who almost trampled Mr Rat on his way to work, refused to give him a pebble. Mr Rat was the lowest, most despised of all the animals.

A year later Mr Peacock lost his job and did not have enough pebbles to pay for his house. So one day he went to look for a new job and on his way to the interview, he was expecting to see Mr Rat at his usual spot, begging for pebbles; he even had a pebble in his pocket to give, despite not having enough. But Mr Rat was not there. Mr Peacock went on to his interview and was shocked when he saw Mr Rat at the same job site.

Mr Peacock:  "Are you also looking for a job?"
Mr Rat: " Oh no, I'm not"
Mr Peacock: "so what are you doing here?"
Mr. Rat:  " Im the boss, I own this"
Mr Peacock stood in utter silence and shock. He could not find the words to describe what he was feeling.

Giving should be natural and without thought, you just give because you can and are able to. Giving should never be a marketing ploy or an opportunity to show how better off you are than someone else.