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Monday, May 1, 2017

Wonder woman when? (Archives)

What is wrong with wonder woman?
At this point the super hero formerly known as Wonder Woman should just return to her island and never come back.

She has endured enough humiliation and  rejection from us. Forgotten and abandoned for men in black and in their underwear.  Is she going to get her own movie? And why has she been constantly over looked? Is it her outfit that is not politically correct for today? It can't be her strength as a warrior; now more than ever women are running things, so why not go with the flow, boys.

 Except for the old classic TV show back in the 70s and the ill fated  return a couple of years ago, wonder woman is M.I.A.....Ooops, correction,  we just made a boo boo, the  aforementioned show a couple of years ago was actually The Bionic Woman, our point made.

In comic book lore, she is a strong member of the Justice League, yet Batman continues to get recycled, Superman gets microwaved back to us again, even Green Lantern got a movie. But Wonder Woman has to wait for Superman to find himself, beat Batman for looking at Lois Lane the wrong way, before she is even mentioned. Enough already, give her a movie, please.

Written by desperate Marvel fan boy (2015)